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The newest way of Internet trading using specialized software TradeChaos based on the trading strategy Profitunity.


This page contains a description of the problems and methods of Internet trading on financial markets. I hope that the writing will help both users of my software, and ordinary traders who came to this site by accident. As I describe, I will give links to the user-defined indicators. They are mostly paid. But there is 100% cashback spent on them in case of buying the main product, which generates trading signals. The widget with a link to a free demo version is placed at the very end of the page.

As a result of many years of research, based on a deep study of classics, authors of books on technical analysis by Bill Williams, John Bollinger, and Larry Williams, I created a semi-automatic utilities and indicators for the convenience of Internet trading on a strategy based on Bill Williams` Profitunity. A new way of trading is invented, which allows not only to trade with good profit, but also to enjoy it. The idea was implemented thanks to new possibilities for programming in the MQL5 environment. For several years iTradeChaos software products have been successfully used by traders all over the world. The trading panel “Trading Chaos Expert” and specialized indicators were introduced by financial companies and private traders in more than 80 countries around the world. Innovation lies in the technology of analyzing a large array of information, quickly searching for specified trade signals for one or a number of time frames simultaneously. Display of all found trading signals in the table for convenience of their overview for further automation of placing pending orders for entry into positions. Automation of all routine trading processes simultaneously for dozens of currency instruments and time frames. Intuitive management and advanced functionality do not leave traders indifferent.

  • the trading signal is evaluated without aneed to open additional windows with charts
  • pendingorders can be placed even when the markets are closed
  • automatic lot size calculation based on the size of the free deposit (1% default)
  • the ability to control the stop loss and take profitlevels by moving the corresponding lines
  • click on the line of stop-loss translates the order execution by touch or by closing.
  • automatically adjustable take profitlevel
  • many types of profit trailing by trader`s choice
  • prohibition of opening additional positions if the free margin is less than 100%
  • automatic closing of all positions when the specified level of deposit growth is reached (default21%)

There is no “black trading boxes”. Only semiautomatic informed trading with the newest software.the Market Watch will be searched.